Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Key skills for Java application developer

There are some basic skills required for being the successful Java Developer to maintain the quality and good integrity in the work process. Through this blog you will gain knowledge how to become the perfect developer.

Punctuality: This is the most listenable but the most important aspect of offshore Java development. One of the important key of gaining success in the field of offshore development is to get you clients in confidence. And by maintaining punctuality in work make you like this.

Integrity: This is the counter part of punctuality. It always have been seen that in order to be punctual we miss the integrity. For delivering the application in time you lose the way of standards of coding and way of handling things, but it should always be kept in mind to maintain integrity with punctuality.

Team spirit: The above two points can only be fulfilled when you know and maintain the team spirit. Team spirit is must to deliver as successful on-time application. It is the responsibility of each individual of the team to make their ego down and always think himself as a part of team.

Confidence: It is the word which every application developer should always remember and should be. To be always confident is the sign of success. If you are confident on the things you are doing then it will make that thing more nice and accurate.

These are few technical and non-technical skills which a java developer must have.

Software Development Cycle for Java Application Development

If you are going to create any Java application or applet there are some basic requirement or you can say the details which is necessary for the developers. Here from this blog you can very well be aware of the software development life cycle. There are 5 phases in the development of any software.

Software requirement analysis: This is the very initial and very vital stage of any application development process. The need of this stage is to gather all the details and requirements which are needed for a proper development of the application. This stage includes interview, meetings and mock discussions which make the development team more clearly about the development process.

System design and analysis: This is the initial phase from where the technical stuffs are going to be implemented. In this phase the overall structure and the nuances of the application is defined.

Code Generation: In this stage all the things are made using the coding. We use different programming languages like C, C++, and Java for coding.

Testing: Once the code is generated, the part of testing begins. We use different testing methodologies which are available for different levels of testing.

Maintenance: After the overall development process it is our duty to give the client a basic support for future. In this phase we trained the client for using our created application and give technical support if needed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Basic knowledge for Java developers to start development

Java a one of the most widely used portable programming language that can be used in both client side and server side web application. In java basically we develop applets and applications. Applet is a program that can run on web browser using Java Virtual Machine. In 1995 the first version of java applets was introduced. Applets are one of the programming mechanisms which give a nice and interactive feature to the web application which an HTML individually can not give. There are many events associated with the applets live mouse capture, 3D rotation and giving dynamic looks to the HTML tags. Another source of java development is the java application. It is the java program which runs on standalone system and makes the use of Java loader and Java run time environment. To develop both these applet and application a programmer should have some of the basic skills which is must have. It is not only the skills which is needed for the Java developers, we can say that this common skills which any software developers must have.
Good communication skills. Which is very initial and most essential skill a software developer should have? Before developing any application the prerequisite of that application is the knowledge of the application which can be gathered only with the good communication.
Good problem solving skills. Now next is the best way of solving the problems. We collect many points in the stage of requirement gathering and he should have the ability to solve the problem.
These two are the very basic need of a good java developer. So it is the very first thing a java developer should learn to start java development.

Offshore Java Development Is a Boom to the Market

Offshore development is the provision of a software development company to give the development support to the external companies which are located in vast geographical area. This is one of the most common and cheap development trend which is growing at a very fast pace and it most likely to be grown in future. As we see countries like India where manpower is very much high which leads to the low cost man power which ultimately leads to the emergence of growth of these provisions like offshore development in India. As this development extreme is growing fast and in software Java is on high demand so Offshore Java Development is also becoming a boom to the market. India is the land of good and high quality software developers and in recent years java development has become the major power in the field of development in India. Today there are many big companies who develop software for them now jump into the offshore development field. This only give the essence to the full fragrant business called offshore development. We are one of the legends in offshore java development. We have many clients located in every corner of globe. And not only clients but we have the big company collaboration for the development.